We Offer Reiki at the Port Huron Studio in our dedicated massage room!

Please call the studio or check for availability on the MindBody App.

45 Minute Session $45.00

What is Reiki?

Pronounced "ray-key", it is a Japanese form of energy healing. Rei means universal, spiritual, sacred or divine. Ki means vital energy, life force energy, or prana that flows through everything.

Mikao Usui began to teach Reiki in 1922, so it's been around for many years in Japanese culture and Eastern healing. We use it now in Western healing, especially healthcare settings for recovery and well-being.

In practice, Reiki is gentle, with low or no contact, lasting roughly 45 minutes on the table, and 10-15 minutes after to talk about the session. The client remains clothed, and resting comfortably on a warm massage table while the therapist works. Everyone has different experiences with Reiki, and all you have to do is relax!